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4th Degree Raising - Bro Tom Conway ROH
Presentation of Honorary Memberships
Presentation of the Astral Lodge (No. 5117) Memorial Plaque To The R.A.O.B. Museum
Bro Keith Marsom 50 Years On

Bro Keith Marsom ROH being presented with his 50 years emblem by the PGP Bro K Dent KOM

Bro Keith Marsom ROH was initiated in 1952 in the Rose of England Lodge No 8264 which met at the White Horse in Biggleswade. He then joined the Harmony Lodge No 8439, which met at the Rose and Crown in Potton until its amalgamated with the Venture Lodge in Henlow.

In the fifty years this brother has been in the Order he has an unblemished record of attendance. For many brothers their buffing starts at eight o’clock on lodge night and finishes at ten o’clock on lodge night. Not so this brother he has given his all not only to the lodges he has belonged to but he has taken them to his heart as they have to him. He has served in a variety of Offices throughout our Province over the years including PGP in 1966, President of Knights Chapter in 1962 &1979. He has held the role of trustee in PGL since 1965; he is also a trustee of Knights Chapter and ROH Assembly.

Bro W Morris ROH, Bro K Marsom ROH, Bro K Dent KOM & Bro R Pope ROH

4th Degree Raising - Bro Tom Conway ROH

The picture on the right shows (left to right), Sponsor Bro D Ayton ROH, the newly raised Brother, Bro T Conway ROH, the Exalting Officer, Bro A Giles ROH and Sponsor Bro D Hore ROH.

This was the third time that Bro A Giles ROH had the pleasure of raising Bro T Conway ROH to a higher degree. The ceremony was witnessed by approximately 80 brothers.

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Presentation of Three Honorary Memberships

The Bedford and District PGL were pleased to host the presentation of Honorary Membership to 3 of its officers on 18th February 2004. Bros J Barr ROH, R Pope ROH and Bro G Pritchett ROH were the proud recipients of emblems presented by the Grand Primo for 1999 Bro A Patel ROH, supported by the Grand Primo 2004 Bro N York ROH and Grand Lodge officers. The total of 120 years membership by the 3 Brothers have resulted in 1 lengthy period of Grand Lodge delegate (Bro G Pritchett ROH), an extended period as PG Secretary (Bro J Barr ROH), 2 PGP's, 3 ROH Assembly Presidents, 3 Knights Chapter Presidents, 3 Examining Council Presidents and numerous other support rolls, not only in the Bedford Province, but also in various Provinces at home and abroad.

I would just like to thank all the Grand Lodge Officers that supported the presentation, and also those that came to witness it, but not forgetting the few, who's hard work ensured a successful evening.


Back Row (left to right) Bro C Young ROH G.A.J. 2002; Bro J Barr ROH P.P.G.P. 1996; Bro H Allcock ROH G.A.B. 1999; Bro R Pope ROH P.P.G.P. 2001; Bro C Payne ROH G.Ch. 1999 and Bro G Pritchett ROH 

Front Row: Bro A Patel ROH G.P. 1999 and Bro N York ROH G.P. 2004

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Presentation of the Astral Lodge No. 5117 Memorial Plaque (Province of Northern India c.1930) To The R.A.O.B. Museum.

On Friday 26th August 2005, Bro Stan Stirman ROH (Grand Lodge Museum Curator) attended the St Leonards Lodge No. 1601 to be presented with the Astral Lodge Memorial Plaque. This plaque was made in 1931 and is dedicated to the Brothers that died on the R101 when it crashed near Beauvais, Northern France in the early hours of 5th October 1930. The plaque was presented to the Astral Lodge by the newly opened Lucknow Lodge. The Plaque came to the St Leonards Lodge in the mid 50's and has been in the Province since then.

The Astral Lodge was based (at the time) at Aircraft Depot, Karachi (now in Pakistan) where the R101 was scheduled to fly to. And it was expected that during it's stay in India, the Brothers aboard would have visited. It is believed that there were 28 Brothers among the 48 that died, and at least 3 Brothers survived the crash.

There is an error on the plaque, if you're at Harrogate, have a look and see if you can spot it! (I didn't, it was Bro Stan that pointed it out to me!)

Bro J Barr ROH Worthy Primo of the St Leonards Lodge (left) presenting Bro Stan Stirman ROH with the Plaque and a tip of a propeller from the R101 for display in the RAOB Museum.