Wiccaweys Rescue Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs

Just like to say what fantastic group of people work here, as the name suggests they rescue collies & sheepdogs mainly from Ireland. They then match them up with suitable people to give the dogs a happy and full life. I know this as we had a collie from them, his name is Spike, a lovely 13month old collie. (that was in February 2006)

So far he's helped raise over 470 for the 2006 PGPs appeal and Wiccaweys!

If you're looking to adopt a dog, and feel that you could cope with a collie (they are VERY energetic dogs - it seems that their main interests are chasing, walking and chasing) have a look at their website, or if you can spare a couple of pounds (you can donate via paypal on their website). Wiccaweys are based in Warwickshire, but have volunteers throughout the country, or maybe I should say friends!

Visit Wiccaweys website